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Accountsoft Stock Inquiry app allows you to retrieve and determine the status of any inventoried item that link to your AutoCount database (AutoCount Inventory or AutoCount POS). 

Item Details
Once you scan or key in the item’s barcode, you are able to see all the details in one look. (Item Code, UOM, Description, Price, Rate, Promotion Price, Member Price)

Price and Promotion Details
In this section will show Price 1 and 2, Minimum and Maximum Selling Price, Minimum and Maximum Purchase Price to match all the details in your AutoCount database. We also allow user to conveniently print out the shelf price tag and promotion price tag to place it on the shelf via the Bluetooth printer.

Stock Balance
This will show the scanned item according to the location’s stock balance and quantity.

Stock Image
User can also insert the stock image onto it so the staff understand it without any confusion. 

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Accountsoft Stock Inquiry App Preview
How to Setup Accountsoft Stock Inquiry App Database

For wholesaler or retailer who store thousand of products in stocks, this process is often complicated, time consuming, and onerous involving large number of racks / stores / warehouses. Accuracy cannot be assured if stock-taking is done manually, especially when compilation is required for items with multiple Unit of Measure (UOM) to reconcile with accounting system’s book quantity. Our Stock Take Module designed to handle labour intensive task by syncing stock info into tablet, enable user to retrieve it through barcode scanner and input the quantity counted accordingly for each item at ease.

Our Mobile Sales Billing System able to sync the business data into any Window digital device e.g. customers’ price history, oustanding bills and stock balance info when visiting the customers. Users able to issue Sales Order / Delivery Order / Invoice / Cash Bill / Credit Note on the spot. The transactions will be sync back to server once connected to Internet.

Price Checker Terminal running in a retail store not just conveniently for customers to self-check item prices, store directory, stock info, and membership points, it also allow retail to display advertisements and promotional campaigns.

Cloud Backup System basically backing up data to a remote, cloud-based server. As a form of cloud storage, the data is stored in and accessible from multiple distributed and connected resources that comprise a cloud. The solution enable enterprises / individuals to store their data on the Internet using a storage device provider, rather than a storing the data locally on a physical disk / hard drive.
It solve unexpected data losses due to these issues:- Virus Attack (e.g. Wanna Cry, Ransomware), Computer lost, stolen / destroyed, Hard Disk Failure